Stones Qatar
The Foundation
The Foundation
  • About Us
    About Us
    The Foundation stone...
    Established as an independent entity in 2007, Stones Qatar brings to the forefront more than 20 years of know-how, solid methodology and technical knowledge. With projects already executed in Lebanon, Iraq and Qatar, Stones Qatar offers its clientele premium flooring, raised floor, wood flooring, cladding and decorative marble, granite and natural stones. With a keen commitment to quality products and comprehensive services that best suit your specific needs, Stones Qatar sets the ground for efficiency and satisfaction. Using the latest techniques and Water Jet, CNC technology, Stones makes the cut in more ways than one.
  • Mission and Vision
    Mission and Vision
    Carving the future...
    Stones Qatar’s mission is to deliver quality marble, granite and natural stones and to ensure outstanding services at all times. Stones Qatar always works optimally regardless of project size…no job is too big or too small. It is through this dedication to professionalism and our customer-based approach that Stones Qatar will build its reputation and leave its mark on the market.
  • Services
    More than Just Beautiful Marble
    Stones Qatar not only supplies marble, granite and natural stones but has a wide variety of services to give you a full-package. We:
    • - Supply and install marble, granite and mosaic
    • - Design and execute decorative marble patterns and medallions
    • - Carry out hand curved mosaic works
    • - Do bathroom and table tops
  • Supply Network
    Supply Network
    Around the World
    Stones Qatar has a vast global network of quarries and suppliers extending over Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, China and India. This means we are able to secure and guarantee the fast delivery of more than 400 types of the best marble, granite & stones with regards to quality and price…to wherever you need it.